The waste water from a municipal or industrial plant can carry a wide range of pollutants and variable, including COD, BOD, color, phenols cyanides, endocrine disruptors and a large amount of complex chemical.

Ozone has the necessary power for the complex waste treatment due to its strong oxidizing nature.
In arid areas, due to the scarcity of water, the water treated wastewater can be harnessed for reuse in irrigation of crop fields or golf courses. The reuse of water prevents the scarcity and protects water resources.

The urban waste water are increasingly contaminated with organic substances such as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), bio-acids and pharmaceutical substances, personal care products (PCP), etc. , these pollutants, with its well-known potential of hazard for aquatic ecosystems and human health, have become a serious problem for the treatment plants.

In fact, for its elimination, are adopting systems of additional treatment.
For this reason OXICOM has developed a wide range of solutions to address this problem.

On the basis of its long experience in the field of municipal wastewater treatment using technologies of oxidation, OXIVOM can offer the most powerful solution available for the elimination of micro contaminants in drinking water waste.

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