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Ozone and UV are the most widely accepted and recognized methods for disinfection of ultra-pure water (UPW). Most commonly used in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, cosmetics and beverage industries, UPW systems treated with Ozonia ozone and UV systems routinely achieve microbial counts below 1 cfu / 100 ml. Ozone has proven itself the most reliable technique for clean-in-place (CIP) applications where minimum down-time to remove bio-burden is required.

With several hundred ozone and UV installations installed and operating on UPW systems, Ozonia is the recognized world leader for ultra-pure water sanitization.

Our MEMBREL ® electrolytic ozone ​​system offers the benefits of simplicity to a complicated process in situ. Using our UV medium or low pressure systems are the perfect complement to these applications.

The MEMBREL® electrolytic process is a unique technology which produces ozone from water instead of gaseous air or oxygen. The feed water, taken from the main UPW loop, enters the anode chamber of the cell where it is dissociated into its two elements at the contact surface between the anode and the electrochemically stable membrane.

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