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The Profit Laundry® process, developed by Oxicom is the only system worldwide that can provide real and guaranteed solutions, ozone facilities for industrial laundries.
The success of our systems is based on having the latest technologies applied in ozone generation and mixing, along with the knowledge of specialists in industrial washing and detergent manufacturers.

The Profit Laundry®, enables us to provide cold wash processes, time savings, significantly reducing water consumption, with equivalent results to conventional washing and being adaptable to any type of new or existing installation.

Each of our facilities is thoroughly studied in terms of capacity of equipment, as well as to changes in the washing programs and the amount of chemical used.

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  • Reduction of the washing temperature => ozone Increasing the amount of oxygen, detergency performance, washing temperature May 80% to 100%, which contributes to cost savings and reduced to prolong life of the garment.
  • Reduce wash time => to improve the performance of ozone detergents, You can complete the entire wash cycle at 25% - 30% less time than a conventional washing.
  • Reduction of water consumption => to reduce the phases of the washing process, saving water consumption is one of the most important factors of our team.
  • Reduced wear of machinery between 20 and 30%. Reducing the washing temperature substantially reduces the problems of deterioration of rubber bearings, seals... of each machine.
  • Water discharges near neutral pH => Deleting systems wastewater treatment, water reuse possibility. Contribution to improving the environment and sustainable development plans.
  • Reduces contact ulcers (bedsores) => Chemical waste after washing, help to cause contact ulcers. Both waste as alkalis lye, raise the pH level of your clothes.
  • Is proven that ozone maintains pH indices close to neutral, therefore, reducing the contact ulcers.
  • Disinfect the wash water => It is worth mentioning again that ozone has an amazing ability to remove harmful microbiological contamination as monocytogenes E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium and waste of pathogens blood that can contaminate the laundry.
  • Improves significantly quality of clothes => the results washing with ozone compared to conventional washing, are immediate and fantastic. According to customer reports "not only clothes are much whiter and brighter, is also spongier". "If you compare towels washed with ozone between another with the same number of towels washed in a conventional manner, the pile of ozone washing can be twice as high, due to the spongy that acquires the tissue"
  • Improving the working environment in the laundry => By reducing hot water usage and the washing time, workplace conditions for workers improved considerably.
  • Reduced drying time => Ozone opens tissue fibers, allowing more water to remove the spin cycle. Therefore, the laundry contains less moisture out of the washing machine, thus reducing the drying time, and hence energy costs.
  • Extends the life of your clothes => Clothing washed with ozone, has a longer lifespan proven way for our customers. It has been estimated that the life of the garment can be extended by 25%; mainly due to the reduction / elimination of temperature, the reduction of wash cycles and therefore of chemicals and reduction of the drying process, all these factors damaging tissues
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