Industrial Markets

Because of its comprehensive portfolio, OXICOM can offer a wide range of solutions for industrial applications. OXICOM´s products have been designed so that they can be integrated into all types of treatment steps with the minimum amount of work and time. Equipments technologies include a large spectrum of UV reactors and ozone generators. Depending on the application in question, OXICOM can supply either a single technology or adopt a multi-process approach to achieve the desired result.


Bottled Drinks

Oxicom has a complete line of ozonation systems, led to the bottling industry, either mineral water, soft drinks or wine .

Wine Industry

In bottling wine is particularly important to emphasize the use of ozone in the process of sanitizing barrels .

Ultrapure Water

Ozone and UV are the most widely accepted and recognized methods for disinfection of ultra pure water (UPW).

Application in Food

In recent years there has been a growing interest in food security and in particular on the methods used to reduce and eliminate pathogens from fresh products..

Process Waters

The term "process water" covers all types of applications from industrial water recirculation water car washes, washing, foodstuffs.

Industrial Laundry

The Profit Laundry® process, developed by Oxicom is the only system worldwide that can provide real and guaranteed solutions
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